1. Web Designer Details

I’m looking for a web designer to help communicate our brand and message to the world. This is a contract position with regular work available.

You should have the following specific experience:
Designing for conversion: Strong direct-response marketing experience and experience with adjusting your designs based on A/B testing
Ability to design based on subtle audience differences (age, gender, scarcity of available information)
Experience designing within Wordpress
EXTREMELY rapid response times

I’m very particular about the designs that show up on IWT, so you should be comfortable doing multiple revisions of designs based on my feedback, as well as quantitative data.

But I’m not just looking for an “executor” -- I’m looking for a designer who brings a beautiful aesthetic to IWT.

To see my bookmarks of design -- with my personal notes -- please click here and here.

* 1. Please share the URL of your portfolio (required).

* 2. Do you do your HTML coding yourself? If not, do you work with a single developer, or use multiple freelancers?

* 3. Our audience consists of over 60% mobile users, and 90%+ are on modern browsers -- please share your experience with recent CSS and HTML trends. Please be specific.

* 4. All of our code, designs, etc are in GitHub. Have you used git before, or have experience with version control systems?

* 5. What is your average turn around time for a single landing page? (Until delivered, not hours worked)

* 6. If offered the position, can you immediately commit 10-15 hours per week? Ultimately, we will be looking for 20-30 hours/week.

* 7. What is your desired compensation?

* 8. Is there any additional information you'd like to share with me?

* 9. Please leave your name and email address.