The title/author selections for Just Desserts meetings have been selected through September 2014, leaving only October 2014 to-be-determined. Two options are possible for October 2014 -- An "anthology" theme night, or another "read one of these ## books by this author" night.

The first choice would be similar to our "Series Share" nights -- participants can read ANY mystery anthology from the 813.08 section of the library shelves (classic, modern, themed, anything). At the discussion, each attendee would share what anthology they read, and any particular stories in that anthology that jumped out at them. The pluses for this option are the vast number of different short story anthologies available for members to choose from. The minuses are that it would involve reading short stories instead of full-length novels, which may not appeal to some readers.

The second choice would feature a single popular author, for whom the libraries don't have enough copies of any one of their novels to cover the size of our group -- a selection of anywhere from three to five of that author's works will be listed, and group members can read any/all of those. We'll then have a very general discussion of that author's ongoing characters and writing style. The pluses/minuses here are that we've done it in the past, successfully, with other authors, but it results in everyone not having read the same thing, so we have to tiptoe around plot points so as not to spoil books for other group members. I (Scott) do have 3 or 4 possible authors in mind for this, and will use them in 2015 if not in October 2014.

* 1. Which of the following options would be your choice for the October 2014 Just Desserts meeting?