Background to Accessibility of the Patient Journey to Hospital

Healthcare providers, such as hospitals and GPs, must ensure that their services are accessible to all, throughout the entirety of the patient journey.

This survey aims to explore your experiences with accessibility throughout your patient journey at local hospitals.

The ‘patient journey’ includes any stage of your pathway through the care delivery system. In this case, we will be exploring your patient journey to hospital.

The areas we will be looking at include:

- Initial referrals to hospital from a GP or other healthcare professional
- Communication and information from the hospitals
- Transport and access to the hospital
- Access in and around the hospital
- Attitude of staff
- Facilities available
- Reasonable adjustments
- Patient involvement in treatment decisions

What have your experiences been of the accessibility of your patient journey to hospital?

Please let us know your opinions in the following survey.

*Please note, the closing date for this survey is Wednesday 16th September 2015.