1. Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey by the Lansing Department of Parks and Recreation. The 5-Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan is an important planning document that outlines goals and objectives for park development. Your opinion is essential to make your parks the best places for recreation in the City of Lansing.

* 1. List the 3 City of Lansing Parks you use most, with the first park being the one you use the most frequently.

* 2. For what reason do you use these parks? (Check all that apply)

  Close to home Picnic Shelter Athletic Fields Walking Paths Playground Natural Resources Other
Park 1:
Park 2:
Park 3:

* 3. What parks and recreational facilities do you use outside of the City of Lansing

* 4. Do you feel that the City of Lansing should offer more nature-based recreation opportunities? If so, what types? Mark all that apply.

* 5. Which parks and recreation facilities would you like to see expanded? (Check all that apply)

* 6. What barriers, if any, inhibit you or a member of your household from using Lansing's park facilities? (Check all that apply)

* 7. In which Lansing Parks and Recreation programs do you participate?

* 8. If Lansing Parks and Recreation were going to expand their recreation programs and activities, what would you like to see?

* 9. Have you or other members of your household participated in any recreational activities or programs offered by organizations other than the City of Lansing?
If yes, list those activities or programs and who offered them.

* 10. Would you be willing to participate in one-time or occasional park and facility improvement projects?

* 11. The City of Lansing has a Park Millage (one mill or $1.00 per $1,000 taxable property value). The funds generated are used for capital improvements, leverage for grant funding, operations and maintenance of recreation facilities.
Will you continue to support this millage? If yes, do you feel the Park Millage should fund the following:

* 12. The City of Lansing has enough parks and recreation facilities.

* 13. How well do you think the City of Lansing maintains the park facilities?

* 14. What is the best way to inform you about activities and services offered by the City of Lansing Parks and Recreation Department? Mark all that apply.

* 15. Which Ward do you live in?

* 16. Including yourself, how many people reside in your household?

* 17. What is your age? (Please check one age group)

* 18. How long have you lived in the City of Lansing?

* 19. What was your household's total income for 2014?

* 20. What is your primary race or ethnic origin (please check one)