* 1. Please rank in order of preference for educational program topics (1= Most Preferred 10=Least Preferred)

* 2. What other topics would you be interested in for educational events? 

* 3. Would you be interested in presenting or being a part of an education panel? If yes, what would you like your topic to be? (list topic and contact information under Comments)

* 4. Would you like to sponsor any events this year or do you know anyone who would be interested in sponsoring an event? If yes, please list contact information in comments section

* 5. If we offered Webinar sessions during the lunch hour, would you attend?

* 6. For in person education events, what type of format would be most conducive to learning?

* 7. Where in the CNFLHIMSS areas should the meetings be held? (1= Most Preferred 4=Least Preferred)

* 8. What suggestions would you make to the program committee?

* 9. Want to be more involved in the Chapter? Be a Volunteer!
Engage with colleagues and collaborate on important decisions of the Board
Influence all of the chapter committees through input and board meeting attendance via conference calls and 2-3 in person meetings per year
Lead by helping to form and shape the future of healthcare by contributing your ideas for innovation and quality improvements in healthcare

* 10. Interested in winning a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card?  Please enter your contact information.