* 1. Are you currently a financial member of Sydney Femme Guild (2013-2014)?

* 2. Which previous year/s have you been a member of Sydney Femme Guild?

* 3. What is your preferred way to renew membership?

* 4. What social media do you prefer to use to access Sydney Femme Guild information?

* 5. Please let us know of your favourite past events organised by Sydney Femme Guild

* 6. Please tell us what you want to get as a member of Sydney Femme Guild (click all you like)

* 7. What kind of events do you like to see on the Sydney Femme Guild calendar? (1 like least ; 5 big femme love)

  1 2 3 4 5
Femme relevant film night
Femme-feminist panel discussions
Political/issue specific campaigns
Weekend afternoon cafe/wine bar
Eastern suburbs beach afternoon
Inner west picnic
Sunday morning breakfast
Femme Conference
Annual ball/party
Fair Day activities
Mardi Gras Sydney Femme Guild float

* 8. Would you like to get involved with the organising of Sydney Femme Guild (i.e. come to meetings)?

* 9. If you are interested in getting more involved in the Sydney Femme Guild, which of the following activities/themes could you help with? We welcome the sharing of tasks, so even if you could only lend your hand to one event, or designing one pamphlet, tick all that apply - we are keen to involve many femmes for light work!

* 10. In your opinion, please rank the following themes as relevant to the activities and mission of Sydney Femme Guild? (1 least; 6 most relevant)