Coronavirus crisis: the EU can help!

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A survey by European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME
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* 1. Are you an entrepreneur or an employee of an SME in the EU?

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* 2. Please rate from 1 (less important) to 5 (most important) what do you think of each of these proposals for helping SMEs in Europe during and after the Coronavirus crisis

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Direct financial support for self-employed and micro-enterprises
Deeper coordination between EU Member States on restrictions and measures for economic aids, so to limit unfair competition in Europe
Protection of cross-border supply chains
Initiatives to help entrepreneurs who have to permanently shut down their company to start a new business after the crisis
Fair distribution of protective masks, sanitisers and lung ventilators among EU Member States based on the emergency level
Suspension of red tape to market new products and services that can help to solve the crisis
Call for proposals for creative business and services that can help to stop the pandemic