* 1. Please indicate the state where you currently practice.

* 2. Which professional designation currently applies to you?

* 3. Have you worked in a dental practice, academic setting or other medical/dental setting where a dental consultant was hired?

* 4. If you answered yes to the preceding question, please continue. If you answered no, we thank you for your time.

What were the reasons given for the hiring of the dental consultant(s) that you interacted with? Please check all that apply.

* 5. Of the above reasons for the hiring of a dental consultant(s), what was indicated to be the top priority? If you have interacted with multiple consultants, please choose the "top priority" for all of them.

* 6. How long did the consulting agreement/program last?

(If you have experienced working with multiple consultants, choose the time frame of the most recent one)

* 7. Did the consultant provide you with a manual or other printed information regarding the operation of the program being developed for your workplace?

* 8. What did you find most beneficial about the experience with the consultant?

* 9. Did the consultant teach you/your team “how to” implement the new systems/material/protocols yourselves and become self-sufficient?

* 10. Have you continued with the new changes, systems, etc., that the consultant implemented?

* 11. If you answered yes, please share how long have you been implementing the changes?

* 12. Imagine you are the consultant. What would you have done differently?

Thank you for participating in this survey!