1. The I Bike Pledge

This page is no longer being used. Please take the pledge at this site.

You can view more details about the safe biking pledge and the I Bike KNX program here.

This program is only for residents of the Knoxville, Tennessee region. Many websites have listed the program as a "freebie" but did so without our permission. "I Bike KNX" means I Bike Knoxville. We will NOT mail stickers to people who live outside of the Knoxville region.

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* 1. I pledge to:

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* 2. If you don't already receive Knoxville Regional Bicycle Program emails and would like to, please provide your email address.

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* 3. As a thank you for making this pledge, we would like to send you a free "I Bike" sticker. If you want one, please provide your mailing address. You MUST live in the Knoxville, TN region to receive a sticker. We will NOT mail stickers to people who live outside the Knoxville region. If you do not live in East Tennessee, you can send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we will mail you a bike sticker. Our mailing address is at http://www.knoxtrans.org/contact/staff