Thank you for taking the time to take this important survey on home energy use in Bridgewater. The information from this survey is being collected by the Town of Bridgewater as part of the "Energize Bridgewater" initiative. The purpose is to better understand how residents in our community use energy, and what challenges and opportunities exist for making home energy use cleaner and more affordable. The survey is open to residents of the town of Bridgewater only.

Your involvement in this research project is important to its overall success. An adult member of the household will submit this survey on behalf of all household members. Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. You will be able to withdraw from the survey at any time. You are welcome to refuse answering questions if you no longer want to participate. You can either complete a short version of the survey that will take less than 5 minutes to complete, or a slightly longer one that may take up to 10 minutes to complete. The Town of Bridgewater would appreciate it if you can complete the longer form of the survey but if you complete the short form only your information will still be valuable and usable. You will be asked information about your home and about your home energy costs. It would be helpful you are familiar with these costs and have that information on hand before you start.

Protecting your privacy is critical to the success of this survey. All information collected will be kept strictly confidential, and used to produce statistical summaries only. Any potentially identifying information will be stripped off at the early stage of data processing and replaced by anonymous codes. The data will be accessed by researchers for statistical analysis. The data and summaries will be shared by authorized staff at the Town of Bridgewater, and two consulting firms that the Town is working with to analyze this data: Sustainability Solutions Group and whatIf Technologies. This data will never be sold or used for commercial purposes. The Town of Bridgewater and its partners reserve the right to use this data indefinitely for research and analysis related to energy, housing, and land use in Bridgewater.

There is no direct personal benefit to the survey participants. The analysis from the survey will be available on the Town of Bridgewater’s website, and will be presented at public events in the community. There is an opportunity to have your name entered into a random draw to win one of five $20 gift cards for participating local restaurants for every household survey completed.

Please visit our website to learn more about the project: If you have any questions or need clarification in completing the survey, please contact Leon de Vreede, Sustainability Planner, Town of Bridgewater. / 902-541-4390.

Thank you very much for your time and participation.