* 1. We’re conducting a survey about opera and accent in sung English, and would like to know your views. You don’t have to take part, and are free to withdraw at any time. You also don’t have to answer all the questions. At all times your identity will be anonymised - we won’t be collecting IP addresses in this survey. After the results of this survey are in, we will use the anonymised data in a published article about audience attitudes to opera and accent in English.  By taking part in the survey, you are confirming that :

* 2. This is a question about how you feel about opera and operatic singing. Please say how much you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  strongly disagree slightly disagree neither agree nor disagree slightly agree strongly agree
Opera is about posh people
Opera sounds strange when sung in English
Opera can be about anyone from any social group
When opera in sung English it sounds similar to the way I speak

* 3. Now, having listened to the songs, did you detect any particular geographical variety of English in the song? Please say what you heard for each song.

* 4. We’d like to ask you about how you came to be watching this video today. Please tick any statements which apply:

* 5. Finally, we’d like to know about your own accent in spoken English. How would you describe your own accent?