Thanks for helping us pick a name for our new game! 

This is a two player, head-to-head game where you play as "the guy in the chair"... a hacker directing a team of agents through a high-tech, top secret facility toward a goal.

Inspired by Tank in the Matrix ("Find a structural drawing of this building. Find it fast. I need the main wet wall...") and the idea put forward by Ned in Spiderman: Homecoming:

Ned: Hey, can I be your guy in the chair?
Peter: What?
Ned: You know how there's a guy, with the headset, telling the other guy where to go? Like... like if you were stuck in a burning building, I could tell you where to go, 'cause there'd be screens around me, I can be your guy in the chair!

The working title is "Operators."  A few suggestions include:
"Oracles"  From the ancient word for priests who delivered divine information
"The Guy in the Chair"  See above
"Black Hat / White Hat" The term for hackers who either use their powers to harm or protect

Which do you like best, or better yet, give us your own suggestion!

Question Title

* 1. Which title do you like best?