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Title of Project: Casual Work and Study Hours
Researcher: Iesha Nottle
Description: As part of my VCE Informatics studies, I am hypothesizing that year 12 students with casual jobs will have less shifts at work than younger students. My reasoning is that their parents advise them that study should be prioritized over earning money.
Requirements: Please answer all of the questions truthfully. All of the data that is collected is stored securely and all survey respondents will remain anonymous.
Important: Due to financial constraints, this survey is divided into two parts. Please complete the surveys Part 1 Casual Survey and Part 2 Study Hours.

* 1. I agree to participate in the study as outlined to me.

* 2. Which school year level are you in?

* 3. How old are you?

* 4. Do you have a casual job?

* 5. On average, how many hours of paid casual work do you do in a week?

* 6. On average, how many hours of paid casual work would you like to have in a week?

* 7. In which school year did you get a job?

* 8. On average, estimate how many hours of work per week did you do in...

* 9. Who determines the number of hours of work you do per week?

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