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We are conducting a study in which we are interested in the workplace experiences of cancer survivors.

In this questionnaire, which is designed to take approximately 20-30 minutes, we will ask you questions about your cancer history, your employment history, and information about your job.

All the information you provide will be kept confidential. Your individual responses will not be reported with your identity. In fact, we do not ask for information that would identify you personally, so confidentiality is necessarily ensured. All results will be reported in aggregated form, so individual responses will not be identifiable.

Please indicate your consent to participate by checking the appropriate box below.

If you have any questions concerning this research, please contact the Principal Investigator at hebl@rice.edu. If you feel that your rights as a participant have been violated, please contact Heidi Thornton at 713-348-6204 or heidi@rice.edu.

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