1. Information and consent.

This survey has been designed to investigate what adults of 18 years and over think about the soul and afterlife.

This survey has been granted ethical approval by the School of Science and Medicine Ethical Committee at Buckingham University. You can withdraw at any time by clicking the "Exit" button at the top right corner of every page in the survey.

The survey is being conducted as part of an Master's degree in Psychology, and supervised by Dr Alan Martin. Please contact alan.martin@buckingham.ac.uk if you have any questions or concerns about the survey.

The survey should take around 15 minutes, but this depends on how much detail you give. Make sure you give yourself enough time, as you cannot save the survey and come back to it later.

You will not be personally identified in anything publicly availble that the researcher writes about the study. What you write may be quoted anonymously.

You do not have to provide any information that would make you personally identifiable.

The researcher may retain your data to use in future research projects, under the conditions set out above, i.e. you will never be personally identified. If you do not agree and only want the data to be used for the current project, please check the opt out box below.

By clicking "Next", I confirm that: I am at least 18 years of age, I understand the information above, and give my informed consent to take part in this study.

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