Advisor professional learning standards provide clear and specific performance expectations for DECA chapter advisors and will provide DECA a framework to design its advisor training programs. We are asking chapter advisors to identify where in the DECA advisor career continuum the standard would be first demonstrated/needed by the advisor. Descriptions of the career continuums are provided for you.

Prerequisite (PQ):
  • Employability and job-survival skills and concepts as a beginning DECA advisor.
  • Advisors with 0-1 years of experience
Career-Sustaining (CS):
  • Skills and knowledge needed for continued employment as a DECA advisor based on the application of basic curriculum and instruction techniques.
  • Advisors with 2-3 years of experience
Specialist (SP):
  • In-depth, solid understanding and skill development in all aspects of serving as a DECA advisor.
  • Advisors with 4+ years of experience
Mastery (MA):
  • Expert understanding of the concept that can only be gained with multiple experiences; can explain, demonstrate and model for other chapter advisors.
  • Advisors with 5+ years of experience


  1. The Advisor Professional Learning Standards is comprised of six main categories. The entire document is available here if you wish to quickly review it for context. 
  2. In order to facilitate the highest-quality review possible, we have divided the categories into smaller parts for review. Your survey provides you with a specific part of the standards document to review and provide feedback.
  3. Based on your experience, please identify where in the career continuum each learning standard is the best fit. If you do not think the professional learning standard is necessary, please mark "Not Necessary." If you do not have experience with the standard or prefer not to respond, please mark "No opinion."

If you have any questions, please e-mail Dr. Michelle Walker, DECA Professional Learning Consultant.

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  Not necessary  Prerequisite (PQ) 0-1 Career-Sustaining (CS) 2-3 Specialist (SP) 4+ Mastery (MA) 5+ No opinion
Understand the importance of program support in the school and in the local community.
Establish a supportive relationship with administration.
Maintain administrator and counselor relations by making sure they understand DECA is integral to helping achieve academic and other school goals.
Engage faculty and staff members in DECA activities to enhance other curriculum areas and achieve academically.
Communicate benefits of student involvement in DECA to administrators, counselors and school board.
Communicate benefits of student involvement in DECA to parents.
Build support with local businesses and organizations.
Engage local business and community leaders in classroom and local chapter activities.
Cultivate support with DECA Alumni for additional support and financial support.
Engage with College/University DECA chapters to expose DECA members to the college experience.
Build support with local media to share the impact of your chapter activities.
Use social media to promote the activities and outcomes of the DECA chapter.
Develop and implement a comprehensive chapter advocacy plan.

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* 2. Please provide any additional suggestions or feedback for the advisor professional learning standards above. Also, if you believe there should be any additional performance indicators related to these standards, please share.

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* 4. How many years have you served as a DECA advisor?