1. How did we measure up?

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At Band Hatton Button we really appreciate our clients feedback. We are always looking for ways in which we can improve our service and are committed to acting on any issues raised. Our purpose is to deliver excellent legal services with a human touch and we are passionate about ensuring we live up to this every day. By treating our clients with care and compassion and by always going the extra mile we strive to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the service and advice they receive from us. 

We would be very grateful if you could take a few moments to complete this Client Survey based on your recent experience with us. Please score from 5 to 1, with 5 being very satisfied and 1 being very dissatisfied. Please try to add comments where appropriate to explain your score. Your response to this form will be treated in the strictest of confidence (unless stipulated re quotes, see opposite).

All fully completed forms will be entered into a monthly prize draw to win a £20 M&S voucher. Please note if you choose not to complete your details, we unfortunately, will not be able to enter you into our prize draw.

* 1. How satisfied were you with the lawyer(s) you dealt with?

* 2. How satisfied were you that they lawyer(s) you dealt with took the time to understand your needs and requirements?

* 3. How satisfied were you that your lawyer(s) explained things to you in plain English, avoiding the use of legal jargon?

* 4. How satisfied were you with response times?

* 5. How satisfied were you that we kept you informed throughout and met any agreed timescales?

* 6. How satisfied were you that our staff were friendly and approachable?

* 7. How satisfied were you that we outlined costs to you at the beginning and kept you informed of ongoing costs throughout?

* 8. How satisfied were you with us, on the whole, at the end of the process?

* 9. Do you have any further comments to these questions?

* 10. How did you come to use us? (if you state, for example, search engine or advertisement, please state which)

* 11. Would you use us again?

* 12. Would you recommend us to others? - if yes, please see details of our recommend a friend sheme

* 13. Please use this space to tell us more about your experience with us:

* 14. Please add a quote about your experience if you would be happy for us to use this on marketing materials and our website:

* 15. Please indicate if you would be happy for us to attribute your name to this quote: