* 1. Are your organization's finances audited every year by a professional?

* 2. Does your organization publish an annual report detailing finances, contributors, and
major accomplishments?

* 3. My organization has a database used to store donor, volunteer, and financial records. This database is accucrate, up-to-date, and complete.

* 4. My organization thanks donors in writing within 48 hours of a gift.

* 5. My organization has a stewardship plan for all levels of donors, including opportunities for donors to get involved with us in meaningful ways.

* 6. We have defined a core message for our organization, and it appears in all our publications.

* 7. We use an annual calendar to track opportunities to send messages to donors, contact the media, and apply for grants.

* 8. If we host a fundraising event, we begin planning it six months out, and we have a follow-up plan in place before the event occurs.

* 9. Someone from our organization is responsible for making 10-20 face-to-face visits with donors every month.

* 10. We regularly evaluate our programs.