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For 15 years, Center for Whole Communities has been working to build the courage, awareness, and relationships of individuals and organizations leading at the intersection of social and environmental change. Gathering in both wild and urban spaces, CWC convenes visionaries who are looking to deepen their understanding of themselves, their peers, and place, in service to their work in the world. Whole Thinking in Practice grounds participants in CWC’s unique practice-based approach to transformative leadership, while lifting up the wisdom and stories of the group - all in a gorgeous natural setting.

This year, Whole Thinking in Practice offers the opportunity to retreat in the company of other artists, activists, changemakers, and leaders working along the spectrum of ecological and social transformation – to slow down, learn together, be challenged, and nurture yourself.

The retreat will be held at The Watershed Center in Millerton, NY on a 73-acre farm adjacent to hundreds of acres of state forest, two hours north of New York City. With 19th century farmhouses, post-and-beam barns, a 30-foot yurt, swim lake, hiking trails, waterfalls, and a beautiful organic farm, their center provides a bucolic setting for visionary thinking.

For five days, you will disconnect from the demands of daily life, and settle into the land and community. You can expect experiences that support you in:
-Discovering or revisiting the benefits of Whole Thinking practices like story, awareness, working across difference, and dialogue
-Exploring how a whole systems approach to transformation helps address root causes, instead of just symptoms
-Engaging in inquiry and dialogue around values, and how values inform strategy
-Addressing injustices through deep and courageous analysis of race, class, power, and privilege
-Rejuvenating your inner resilience and wisdom through reflection, creativity, silence, and nature
-Experimenting with new forms of collaboration that yield more authentic relationships and leadership

There is a cost associated with attendance (see below). 

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3. Have you participated in a Whole Thinking Retreat, Whole Thinking workshop, or other Whole Communities event before?

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4. If no, how did you hear about us?

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5. Why would you like to attend Whole Thinking in Practice? What does "whole thinking," "whole communities," or "transformation" mean to you?

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6. How do you identify and/or what communities do you personally identify with?  How are your communities impacted or privileged by social conditions? (race/ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, class, ability, nationality, position/work identity, or anything else that you feel like you would like to share).

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7. What people, communities, constituencies or organizations do you work with?

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8. Given the pace and pressures of work for social change and sustainability in this day and age, what practices do you hold - personally or in community - that keep you centered, grounded, and renewed? We invite you to share a vignette/story of you and/or your community engaged in such practices. (examples of practices may include dialogue, story, awareness, yoga etc.)

Cost of Attendance:  

The Center for Whole Communities is committed to making our retreats accessible to a broad diversity of people. We offer this retreat on a sliding scale of $750 - $2500.

When deciding what you can pay, consider both your current access to resources and your experiences with class privilege and/or oppression. Please also consider if your organization, or your organization's funders may be able to contribute to your course fee.

If the structure below is prohibitive to you, please be in touch with us directly. We have a small pool of scholarship resources that we make available when needed.

suggested Sliding Scale:
$750 for individuals and nonprofit organizations with budgets of $250K or less
$1,000 Orgs and Foundations with budgets less than $500K
$1,500 Orgs and Foundations with budgets less than $1M
$2,000 Orgs and Foundations with Budgets less than $2M
$2,500 Orgs and Foundations with Budgets less than $2.5M

Participants will be responsible for their own travel to NY or directly to the retreat center.

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9. Amount you are able to contribute:

Thank you for completing the application! Please contact Josh Carrera at Center for Whole Communities with any questions:  802.496.5690