From the Sunday Times bestselling author of One Enchanted Evening, comes a tale of friendship, courage and romance in Katie Fforde's latest novel.

Cornerstone at Penguin Random House is offering copies of Island in the Sun by Katie Fforde to book clubs to read and review.

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Dominica. A beautiful remote island where the sun shines and the living is easy.

And where Cass goes to photograph a rare stone carving as a favour to her father.

With her is Ranulph, a deeply attractive, much-travelled journalist, who offers to help Cass with her quest.

But Dominica has just been hit be a severe hurricane, and Cass and Ranulph are spending all of their time helping the local community.

Cass knows she must not fall in love with him… He is just looking out for her. He’s being kind.

There is no way he could be even the slightest bit interested in her.
Could he?

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