Welcome to our Motto Survey

Parents, Students, Teachers, Stakeholders!

As a district we have been working through a process of strategic planning.  Among other goals, we have been adapting our Mission and Vision statements to guide our planning.  Within that discussion we have determined that it would be helpful to have a shorter motto that captures our mission and vision succinctly.  

To accomplish this we would like to invite each of you to vote on which motto you feel best captures the spirit of our mission and vision.  Your input will be used to develop our motto.  That will be followed with a design contest for our students who will be given the opportunity to design a logo to fit the motto that is selected.

Please take a moment to review our mission and vision and vote on the motto you feel would best represent them.

Mission: To provide all students with knowledge and skills, both academic and social, for life-long success in a changing world.

Vision: Preston School District believes that, in partnership with parents and the community, our schools will provide appropriate opportunities and resources to all learners in order to empower them to reach their academic and social potential in a safe and supportive environment.

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* 1. I am a....

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* 2. Please rate the following mottos with 1 being the motto that best represents the mission and vision of Preston School District and 5 being the motto that least represents the mission and vision of Preston School District.