Welcome to the 9.1 Technical Preview and SaaS Early Access Program

Thank you for expressing interest in the 9.1 Technical Preview Program! We are launching an extended Early Access and Technical Preview Program for the next 9.1 release in 2020. We are looking for participants to help test the functionality of the updated Content Editor as well as to perform testing of the upgrade and installation process. 
The program is being divided into two parts:
  • Part one is an Early Access Program. Participants will have access to early builds of Learn that include the updated Content Editor for the Original Experience and the Original Course View. Testing environments will be provided by Blackboard.
    • This part of the program is open to any Learn client in SaaS, Managed Hosting, or is self-hosted.
    • The Early Access Program will begin in July 2020.
  • Part two is the Technical Preview Program. This four-week program is focused on testing the upgrade and installation process of the latest 9.1 installer.
    • All Learn clients are welcome to participate in the sessions. The installation testing portion of the program will be focused on self-hosted and a limited number of Managed Hosting clients.
    • The Technical Preview Program is tentatively planned for September 2020. The exact dates will be announced to registered participants when the date gets closer.
When you register, you will receive an email and invitation to the Technical Preview group on the community site within a week. Details about the program, meeting dates, office hours, testing sites, and recordings will be shared in the community site.