Bike Share at CWRU

1.What is your affiliation with Case?
2.If you're an undergraduate student, do you live on campus or off campus?
3.Have you ever used a bike share or other similar short term rental service (i.e. scooter share)?
4.Are you interested in CWRU having a pedal bike share program (no e-bikes, just traditional pedal bikes) available on campus?
5.Do you currently have access to a bicycle you can use on campus? If yes, where do you store it?
6.If you have your own bike on campus, are you able to bring it back home after the school year?
7.How frequently do you think you would utilize a free or low-cost bike share program?
8.Where would you primarily ride a bike share bike?
9.If you are interested in utilizing a bike share program, please
estimate on average how long your trips would take.