Thank you for taking our survey and helping the Statewide PrEP Planning group refine the message that we want to share about PrEP. Please fill out the survey to the best of your ability as our group wants to get PrEP to our key populations.

In Hawaii, the general public’s knowledge of PrEP is relatively very low. Not a lot of people are aware that one pill, once a day is able to effectively prevent an HIV Infection. Truvada for PrEP is the only FDA approved drug that is able to prevent an HIV infection. Truvada for PrEP is not for everyone, people with behaviors that put them at-risk for an infection should consider talking to their provider or go to their nearest AIDS Service Organization to talk about PrEP navigation.

This survey is being conducted by the Hawai’I PrEP Planning group, members of the group consisting of leadership from every county in the state. Majority of us are PrEP Specialists from each respective AIDS Support Organization or Community Health Center. Ka Aha Mahu was also consulted during this process and provided intentional and inclusionary language around transgender and gender non-conforming communities. We have also involved the Department of Health – Diamond Head Health Center HIV/STD clinic.  

Demographic information

* 1. Zip code

* 2. Sex at Birth

* 3. Current Gender Identity

* 4. Preferred Sexual Partners

* 5. Number of Sexual Partners in the Past 6 Months

* 6. HIV Status 

PrEP Messaging 

* 7. Rank the messages from 1 (most liked) - 7 (least liked)

* 8. Which message(s) makes you want to seek out PrEP education/ PrEP medical care?

* 9. Suggest a message that you would rather see as in the statewide PrEP campaign.