Thank you for completing this survey - your feedback is important

The Department of Health is leading a building project to establish a new bed-based facility at Chermside, Brisbane, opening in 2020. The facility will cater for adolescents, aged 13-21 years old, who have complex mental health conditions and who may stay at the facility for up to six months. During their admission, patients will have access to an education and vocational training program.
The Department of Education is committed to providing a statewide continuum of educational support for students with chronic health or mental health conditions. As part of this process, it is integral that we understand and hear the voices of our students about what they need to continue and succeed in their learning.
We're really keen to hear your ideas, feedback and opinions.
The questions below form many of the aspects for the new health facility. We would also love to hear any other ideas you have.

* 1. What would the education spaces need to look like (i.e. the physical classroom environment and outdoor learning area, as opposed to the clinical areas)?

* 2. What types of activities would adolescents like to do on weekends and after school in a residential facility like this?

* 3. What are some ways to keep connected to your base school and/or friends during a long admission to hospital?

* 4. What skills and knowledge would be beneficial for teaching staff to possess?

* 5. What vocational education programs could be offered to suit students at this facility
(i.e. Tourism and Hospitality, Business Communication and Technology, Human Services, Industrial Technology)?

* 6. How can we assist students who are disengaged from education (due to long-term illness) to re-engage in learning programs? This could include re-engaging in school or another learning pathway.

* 7. What things could we include at the facility to make it more like a home environment?

* 8. Do you have any other ideas or comments for the planning team?

Thank you for completing this survey. This information will help guide the designers for the new facility.