Kingston Road United Church is in the process of redefining its mission. As a neighbour, your feedback will help us to determine how we move forward. Only people who are not members of the church are invited to respond to this survey. Although there was a prize for participating prior to June 18th, the prize has been claimed. We are leaving the survey open for a few days in case people still want to contribute their feedback. Thanks for participating!

* 1. How can KRU best support the community in your opinion? Please rate from 1 (low interest) to 5 (high intererst).

  Low interest Medium interest High interest
Wide range of spiritual activities
Renting space for community classes and events
Renting space for catered special events
Presenting concerts, theatre, and film events
Craft and art shows
Speaker series
Drop-in spot to meet friend for quiet conversation, read, or relax
General interest programming (crafts, art, cooking, classes, etc.)
Life phase programs for marriage, new family, retirement, death, divorce
Support for the most vulnerable and unemployed through partnership with social service agencies
Dances (folk dancing, ceilidhs)
Activities for children and youth
Activities for seniors
Increasing awareness on social issues and supporting action plans

* 2. Many people are interested in developing their spiritual side. What would your perfect spiritual event include? Select as many as apply.

* 3. What format appeals to you? Select as many as apply.

* 4. What spiritual topics would you like to learn more about and experience? Select as many as apply.

* 5. What day(s) might you prefer for a spiritual program? Please select as many as apply.

  Morning Afternoon Evening

* 6. What type of spiritual activities might be provided for children? Select as many as apply.

* 7. What would attract you to being part of a church community?

* 8. How would you like to hear about our programs? Select as many as apply.

* 9. Tell us about yourself.

* 10. What is your age?

* 11. What is your gender?

* 12. Would you like to hear about the survey results?

* 13. Would you like to be included on our mailing list as we change and develop?

Thank you for your feedback! You will be entered in the $100 draw taking place on June 18th.