Halsey Drive School Charter.

This year our school charter is due for renewal. The Board of Trustees would like to invite you to provide input into the content for the future direction of our school.

The school charter is divided into sections.
The first section is the 'Big Picture' section. This comprises of the mission statement , school values and broad school goals.
We would like your opinion, comments or suggestions for each of these.
Please feel free to ask your child(ren) for their opinion as well.

* 1. 'LEARNERS TOGETHER IN A LEARNING COMMUNITY' is our school's mission statement. It relates to the importance of learning and the fact that learning is a shared responsibility.
Do you agree?

* 2. Our school values are - Personal Excellence, Integrity, Respect for Self and Others and Celebration of Diversity. Do you agree?

* 3. School Goal One. To produce lifelong learners who think critically and creatively.

* 4. School Goal Two. To support learners to develop their potential while respecting their dignity, rights and individuality.

* 5. School Goal 3. To encourage positive social interaction and communication skills that will facilitate success in the wider world.