Please complete this teaching review of your UTeach teachers as they do their lesson.

* Course:

* UTA Master Teacher:

* Teach Information

* Enter the percentage (0% - 100%) indicating the level of teaching contribution of each teacher. The total should add up to 100%. Example: If they share the teaching equally, they both contribute 50%.

* For each item below, indicate whether the team "Meets" expectations or is performing significantly "Above" or "Below" expectations.

  Meets Above Below
Makes expectations clear.
Is cheerful. Smiles.
Speaks with appropriate volume and clarity.
Creates an environment of respect. Says "please" and "thank you."
Observes professional dress code.
Gives clear and concise directions.
Uses effective classroom procedures.
Redirects off-task behaviors when they arise.
Uses time efficiently.
Uses the students' names.
Captures the students' attention.
Uses questioning that guides and reveals the students' understanding.
Incorporates cooperative learning productively.
Provides an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned.
Uses formative assessments.

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