1. Your Opinion Matters!

Thanks for taking a few moments to answer these questions. We want to know your opinions so that we can keep doing the things you like and change the things you don't like as much as is possible.

* 1. What Science Courses are you taking this Semester?

* 2. How often did you visit the Science Learning Center this semester?

* 3. Please rate the following reasons for coming to the SLC based on how important these are to you:

  Ok, but I could do without it. Somewhat Important. Really matters. N/A (I don't come for this reason)
Tutoring in biology
Tutoring in chemistry
Tutoring in physics
Tutoring in physical science
Tutoring in another science
Studying alone
Studying with others
Using science software on the computer
Using slides and models
Using the computer for non-science work

* 4. Based on your experience in the Science Learning Center, please rate our service in the following areas:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree/Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
The SLC was well organized.
The SLC is open sufficient/appropriate hours.
The SLC Tutor(s) knew the material well.
The SLC Tutor(s) care about and show respect for the students.
The SLC Tutor(s) presented the material in a manner that was understandable.
I would recommend using the SLC to other students.
I felt welcomed and supported.
The SLC website contains useful information.

* 5. As a result of using the SLC:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree/Disagree Disagree Strongly
I was able to get my questions about my course material answered.
I have improved in my science study skills.
I was able to demonstrate that I understood the material by doing similar problems.
I was able to demonstrate that I understood the material by explaining the concept to a tutor or another student.
I was able to demonstrate that I could apply my current knowledge to new and different situations.
I learned to become a more independent learner, i.e. I needed lots of help understanding the material at the beginning but needed less and less help as the semester progressed.
I am more confident in my abilities as a college student.
I received a better grade in my course.

* 6. What do you like about the SLC?

* 7. What would you like to change about the SLC?

* 8. Any comments positive or negative regarding the SLC Tutors?

* 9. What is the one thing that we could do better to help you succeed in science?