We need your help!

The Board of Spotswood College has the important task of appointing a new principal.

The Board has compiled a draft Person Specification and we now need your input and feedback to assist us to ensure that the best possible person is appointed.  

The aim of this survey which closes on Sunday 11th February 2018 is to assist the Board with identifying the characteristics and qualities that you see as being important for our new Principal.

The Board appreciates the time and thought you are giving to this important task. No individual who responds to this survey can be individually identified.

Nga mihi nui

Linda Whitehead (Board Chairperson)

Please comment on each of the following statements:

* 1. Our new Principal will be a strong, confident and passionate leader, able to inspire others and lead by example.

* 2. Our new Principal will have proven leadership experience.

* 3. Our new Principal will demonstrate good business sense and has the ability to manage personnel, property, finance and health and safety effectively.

* 4. Our new Principal works together with others to develop a strong strategic direction for our school and have the ability to successfully implement change.

* 5. Our new Principal is an excellent communicator, who is open, responsive and innovative.

* 6. Our new Principal works together with others to achieve successful outcomes, is inclusive and encourages new ideas and input.

* 7. Our new Principal is enthusiastic and energetic including being visible and engaged in all aspects of school life.

* 8. Our new Principal ensures top quality teaching and learning programmes are delivered to create an environment in which all students will experience success.

* 9. Our new Principal has a passion for co-education.

* 10. Our new Principal will continue to incorporate restorative practices.

* 11. Our new Principal has a passion for their own and others' professional development and the ability to attract, inspire and retain outstanding teachers.

* 12. Our new Principal has strong interpersonal skills and a sense of humour.

* 13. Our new Principal has an awareness of the needs of our multi-cultural community and the flexibility to positively manage and engage constructively.

* 14. Our new Principal has empathy and understanding of the diverse range of backgrounds our families come from.

* 15. Our new Principal will embrace and incorporate Tikanga Māori in all aspects of our school culture.

* 16. What other matters would you like the Board to consider in their search for a new Principal?

* 17. Our new Principal will model and enhance the core values of our school - Education/Mātauranga, Taking Part/Whai Wāhi and Unity/Kotahitanga.

* 18. Please select from the following.

Thank-you for your valued feedback.