Welcome to the Walk/Ride Day Check-In!

Completing this short survey each month enters you in our online raffles and other challenges (including the Cambridge MA Mayor's "9 in '09 Challenge"). It also helps us measure the impact of Walk/Ride Days and is vital for our fundraising and strategic planning efforts.

Thank you for participating and for checking in!

The Green Streets Team

* 1. Which Walk/Ride Day are you checking in for?

* 2. What type(s) of "green" transportation did/will you use?

* 3. How many "green" miles did/will you travel for Walk/Ride Day?

* 4. Did/will you take advantage of Walk/Ride Day freebies, discounts, or raffles at any of our sponsors?

* 5. What did/will you wear that is green?

* 6. Please use the space below to share additional thoughts or feedback.

* 7. Contact Information (We will not share.)

If this is your first time checking in, please answer the following 5 questions. In future months, you may skip directly to the end of the survey (or change previous responses by submitting new answers).

NOTE: Your responses are not recorded until you click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom!

* 8. Location

* 10. On non-Walk/Ride Days, what mode(s) of transportation do you normally use?

* 11. How did you hear about Walk/Ride Days?

* 12. Getting Involved