1. Certificate Program Completion Survey

We're always working to improve our service and better understand the needs of professionals that are going through our programs. We would appreciate your honest feedback about the certificate program, and your experience with the college overall. The questionnaire will take about ten minutes to complete.

* 2. Are you currently working in the field you are studying at Bellevue College?

* 3. What is your current profession/title?

* 4. There are a number of organizations that offer training. Why did you choose Bellevue College?

* 5. When you were considering where to go for your training, what criteria were the most important to you?

* 6. Thinking about how you went about choosing a place for training, please rank the following selection criteria from 1 to 7 in order of importance.

1=most important 7= least important

* 7. Please rate your satisfaction with your training experience at Bellevue College for the certification program you just completed.

  1 Not at all satisfied 2 3 4 5 Very satisfied
Length of time it took to complete the program
Time that the courses were offered
Quality of overall instruction
Responsiveness of instuctors and staff to my needs
Convenience of campus location to home/work
Overall satisfaction with the program

* 8. Which aspects of your training did you find most valuable?

* 9. How has the training helped you in your current profession? What kind of tangible results have you seen as a result? (i.e., employment, promotion, pay increase, increased efficiency in job tasks)

* 10. Which part of your experience at Bellevue College was the most frustrating?

* 11. What would you change about the curriculum or program to make it more useful?

* 12. Would you recommend the program to a friend?

* 13. Now that you've completed your program, are there any other areas you're interested in pursuing?