Aloha and Mahalo for choosing Ohana Komputer to help with your computer needs.  Below are questions to better help us serve you and the community.  

Please take the time to fill out and answer the below questions.

When complete hit the 'Done' button.

* 1. What training facility or school are you in?

* 2. Are you male or female?

* 3. What is your ethnic background?

* 4. How many years have you had classes with Ohana Komputer?

* 5. What do you primarily use the computer for?

* 6. If you could have any computer lesson, what would it be?

* 7. Do you have access to a Computer?

* 8. Which do you own?

* 9. When using ______ software such as Word, you can easily create and edit documents, such as letters and reports.

* 10. The _____ command lets you save a file with a new name or a new location.

* 11. The "title bar" is located at the top of the window and identifies the window as a MS Word document.

* 12. The brain of the computer is called the:

* 13. Graphics are designs and pictures created and used by a computer.

* 14. Which command do you use to save a file for the first time?

* 15. Which of the following is considered a good keyboarding technique?

* 16. The keys for the "Home Row" are

* 17. The Maximize button is used to:

* 18. What type of device is a flash drive?

* 19. How can you be safe when online?

* 20. Almost anything powered by electricity uses code

* 21. How many words can you type per minute?

Thank you for your time in completing this survey! We hope you have a great class with Ohana Komputer. Aloha and enjoy!