* 1. What school does your child attend? (If there is more than one, please answer for only one school.)

* 2. Which school system is this a part of?

* 3. What is the MAIN way your child travels to and from school?

* 4. Have you heard of the "Idle Free Zone" Program for schools?

* 5. What is an "Idle Free Zone"?

* 6. How many children in your family suffer from asthma?

* 7. How many children participate in your carpool?

* 8. How many miles is the school from your home?

* 9. In carpool line, what is the average amount of time your engine is turned off while waiting for school dismissal?

* 10. Are you aware that idling the engine contributes to poor air quality in Birmingham?

* 11. Will you do your share for cleaner air by not idling your engine at school and in drive-thru lanes?

* 12. Thank you for taking our Clean Air Survey!

Please enter the following information to be eligible for a monthly drawing of a $25 gas gift card. Monthly winners will be notified via phone and mail.

Auntie Litter and APCA will not give your personal information to any other entity and will only be used for this drawing.

Drawings will be held the first business day of the month.

Only one entry per household per month.