2020-2021 Columbia Schools Calendar Input

Input for development of the 2020-2021 Columbia School Calendar will be sought from employee groups, individual staff, students, parents and community members.

Data and recommendations will be collected and presented to the Columbia School Board during the April Board Meeting. 

The superintendent will make a recommendation to the school board and the board has the sole authority to approve the 2020-2021 school calendar. 

Three (3) DRAFT working calendars are available on the school website for purview in the ABOUT US tab.

Question? Please contact Dr. William J. Wadlington at 509-722-3311.

(The school calendar must contain some state requirements: 180-days, recognize all federal (bank) holidays, weekdays only, and other length of day guidance.)

Question Title

* 1. Which DRAFT calendar is the best fit for your needs

Question Title

* 2. Rank the most important calendar elements.

Question Title

* 3. While understanding that 180-days seperate the beginning and end of school, what other yet to be identified elements do you suggest for the school calendar.