Title I Survey

Please complete the survey for each school you have a child enrolled in to insure we can address needs by each school.

* 1. Which school(s) do your children attend?

* 2. How well do you feel your child's school provides parents with opportunities to share feedback and ideas regarding the school's parental involvement program and activities?

* 3. Did you attend a meeting during the school year (Open House and/or Title I Orientation) where goals and activities of Title I were discussed with parents?

* 4. After participating in a meeting at school regarding Title I, did you receive (on school website or paper copy) a Parent Involvement Plan, School-Parent-Student Compact and School Improvement Plan and then signed the signature page stating at the beginning of the year that you received and reviewed the documents mentioned above to insure your child had a successful academic year? 

* 5. How would you like to see parental involvement funds used at your child's school? (Check all that apply)

* 6. Are you given the opportunity to participate in the development and review of Parent Involvement Plan, School-Parent Compact, Title I Program services and School Improvement Plan at the Title I meeting held at the beginning of the year or during the summer

* 7. Do you receive school-home communication through any of the following regarding upcoming events for you to participate, your child's progress, school activities, etc.? (Check all that apply)

* 8. How well does school leadership foster an environment in which staff, parents, and community work together to improve student achievement and create a welcoming environment?

* 9. At parent conferences or meetings, does your child's teachers review your child's data regarding academic progress in their class?

* 10. When is the best time to engage you, as a parent, in school events linked to academics?