PsySSA Membership Survey March 2017

PsySSA is currently drawing closure on the operationalising of its Strategic Plan (2014- 2018). A review of the Plan is necessary and therefore members feedback for the development of the next Strategic Review is vital in working towards a Society that that is responsive to the needs and concerns of its members. One of the key Strategic Drivers of the current Plan is Membership under the following sub-categories:
• Represent, advocate and defend our members
• Improve communication with members through enhancing its online infrastructure
• Increase membership benefits and services and participation in PsySSA structures through digital presence
PsySSA has developed a membership survey to determine the quality, credibility and efficiency of service delivery that members receive and to determine whether the Society addresses the needs of its members and whether PsySSA can do more for its members.
The PsySSA Membership survey is short survey which will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. Anonymity is guaranteed. By giving us your valuable feedback you are enabling us to brand PsySSA as the leading learned Society for Psychology Professionals in South Africa.


* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. I am responding in my capacity as:

* 3. Are you registered with the Professional Board of Psychology?

* 4. I am registered with the HPCSA as:

* 5. Other additional registration categories with the HPCSA (more than one category may be selected:

* 6. Regardless of your registration status, please specify your field(s) of practice

* 7. Please specify the area you are practicing/studying

* 8. How long have you been a member of PsySSA?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 9. What motivated you to join PsySSA?

* 10. What kind of activities would you like to see PsySSA engaged in?

* 11. Do you access the PsySSA Website?

* 12. Please tell us why you access/do not access the PsySSA website

* 13. Do you have any suggestions for improving the PsySSA website?

* 14. Which PsySSA member benefits do you use:

  never sometimes always not aware of benefit
Free access to PsyTalk, the Society’s Newsletter
Free access to the South African Journal of Psychology, the major scientific psychology journal in Africa
CPD points available through the SAJP Questionnaire
Reduced fees for workshops and PsySSA activities, all of which are CPD-accredited
Reduced fees for the Annual National Psychology Congress, the flagship for psychology as a science and profession in South Africa
Free Ethics Committee advice and resolution of issues
The most cost-effective Professional Indemnity Insurance available in the market, designed exclusively for psychology professionals at a discounted price
PsySSA negotiated a Practice Management system with the lowest switching fee and no monthly licence fee for the first three months of signing up
Free listing and regular referrals through the PsySSA Directory of Psychology Professionals in Private Practice and through the PsySSA Office
Networking activities throughout the country and internationally
Negotiating for better work conditions and fees for psychology professionals
American Psychological Association (APA) member rates for APA convention registration, APA databases, and APA books and journals
Reduced rates to advertise on psyssa website
Reduced rates for training venue
Access to other SAGE Journals

* 15. On a scale of 1 to 5 please indicate whether you strongly disagree(1) or strongly agree(5) with the following statements:

  1 - 
Strongly Disagree
2 - 
3 - 
Neither Agree nor Disagree
4 - 
5 - 
Strongly Agree
The Society is a valuable contributor to the promotion of Psychology in South Africa
PsySSA is approachable in terms of dealing with my concerns
PsySSA staff has a thorough knowledge of products, services and policies
The benefits PsySSA offers to members is a major reason I am a member of PySSA
The CPD programmes give me access to valuable knowledge
I intend to remain a member of PsySSA
On an overall basis, I am satisfied with PsySSA

* 16. On a scale of 1 to 5 please indicate whether you strongly disagree(1) or strongly agree(5) with the following: I am satisfied with...

  1 - 
Strongly Disagree
2 - 
3 - 
Neither Agree nor Disagree
4 - 
5 - 
Strongly Agree
PsySSA's overall communication efforts
PsySSA website
PsySSA representing my needs on legislative and regulatory issues
PsySSA representing my interests
The CPD programmes PsySSA offers
The quality of information in the quarterly newsletter, PsyTalk
The quality of information in the South African Journal of Psychology(SAJP)

* 17. Please feel free to provide any comments or suggestions to the Society in terms of whether it is meeting your needs and.or how the Society can grow and develop to better meet your needs