Marysville Residents – Share your Input!

In 2016, the City of Marysville looked very different than it does today. Marysville was still crawling out of the Great Recession. Its budget was tight.

Marysville was laying off Police Officers and firefighters. Crime rates were rising. Marysville’s credit rating dropped. Long-term debt was crippling the City. Essential services were being slashed.

The Marysville City Council placed Measure C on the June 2016 ballot, which raised the local sales tax rate by one cent. Measure C was passed with 55% of the vote.

Measure C has allowed the City of Marysville to hire more Police Officers, strengthen our fire protection and emergency services, reduce response times, fix our streets and rebuild the City’s reserves.

Measure C expires on October 31, 2026.

The City of Marysville is researching if, when and how Measure C should be renewed.

This survey is part of that process—engaging with those who live and work in Marysville.

Important to keep in mind: If Measure C is renewed, it will NOT raise our tax rate. With Measure C, the City of Marysville’s sales tax rate is 8.25%. If Measure C is renewed, the City of Marysville's sales tax rate will remain 8.25%.

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* 1. Please Rank the City of Marysville's priorities in order of importance to you (the most important option at the top of the list and the least important at the bottom of the list).

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* 2. Other priorities you would like to see get addressed by Measure C (Describe in more detail below).

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* 3. Comments or questions you may have.

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* 4. Optional - Please provide us with your contact information.