This survey is for people who are using the Hap codec family to encode their movieĀ files for optimized hardware accelerated playback in one or more video applications. Thank you for your time.
(Note that all products listed are trademark / copyright their respective companies and being listed here is not to be interpreted as an endorsement of Hap from those companies. A similar list that includes links to product pages can be found on the project github page.)

* 1. What creative fields do you use the Hap codecs for?

* 2. Which software and code environments that have native support for Hap do you use?

* 3. Which applications do you use to encode your video files into the Hap codecs?

* 4. Are there other applications that you use in your workflow that do not support playback of the Hap codecs?

* 5. Which of the Hap formats do you commonly use?

* 6. Which resolutions do you commonly use for your Hap encoded clips?

* 7. What other video codecs do you commonly use for live video production?

* 8. What is the average size of the audience for your shows or events?

* 9. Have you used the Hap codecs on any particularly large or awesome projects that you can share with us? Please feel free to include links.

* 10. Do you have any additional comments or things you would like to see in future updates to the Hap codec family?