Welcome!  Thanks for working to help make Minot a better, cleaner, and more sustainable place!

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  We have come together to solve so many challenges in these fifty years - let's keep the progress going! 

This document is meant to provide a list of easy to implement action items that individuals, families, and businesses in our community can take to help save money, consume fewer resources, have a positive impact on the environment, and to help make Minot a cleaner and healthier place to call home. 

Are the actions on this list the solution to all of the environmental challenges that community and larger world face?  Probably not!  But these changes are a great practical starting point for us to learn about how some simple changes can save us money, make a positive impact on our shared environment, and help to ensure that the environment that we leave behind for our children and grandchildren is one in which they will want to live.


How to earn a Sustainable Minot certificate:

1)     Read through the list of actions and mark any actions that you currently do or plan to start doing soon.

2)     Each action has a point value assigned to it.  Add up your score for each category.  Make sure you are meeting the minimum required actions for each category!

3)     When you reach the end, add up the score from each category.  If your total score is 60 or higher, you are officially a Sustainable Minot person, home, family, etc.  Way to go you!  Celebrate your achievement and tell your friends!

4)     If you did not achieve a score of 60 or higher, don’t worry!  Go back over the list and identify some actions that you think you could tackle or would be ready to add to your life.  Exit the survey and then click on the link again and take the survey again with your changes in place.  Hopefully this time, the numbers worked!!

5)     Rest well knowing that you and your community are working toward being better stewards of the environment for future generations – you rock!!


The Minot Environmental Policy Group will send you a cool certificate/logo via e-mail for you to print out and put up in your window, refrigerator, or office space.  You should be proud of your efforts!


Please let us know if you have any questions.  We can be contacted via e-mail at environmentminot@gmail.com.



The Minot Environmental Policy Group

(Tim, Shannon, Tom, Monica, Joe, and Teresa) 

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* 1. Waste: (Must select at least 3)

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* 2. Electricity/Energy Use (must select at least 4)

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* 3. Water (must complete at least 2)

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* 4. Transportation (must choose at least 2)

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* 5. Building Materials/Home Design/Landscaping

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* 6. Food/Diet (must choose at least 1)

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* 7. Community (choose as many as you like)

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* 8. Information