* 1. Name of Parish

* 2. (Arch)Diocese

* 3. Parish Director(s) of Music

* 4. Parish Address

* 5. City/State/Zip

* 6. Parish Phone

* 7. Parish E-mail

* 8. Date of the Saint Cecilia Sing

* 9. Describe the event

* 10. Other parishes participating (if applicable)

* 11. Contact person for the Saint Cecilia Sing

Please send a copy of your program. If you produce a program or other worship aid for the Saint Cecilia Sing, please send it in pdf format to the National Office. We will be posting selected events on the NPM website to give everyone an idea of the many different types of musical programs that take place.
Please send completed form and program or worship aid to: Lowell@npm.org.
Mailing address: NPM Saint Cecilia Sing, National Association of Pastoral Musicians, 962 Wayne Avenue, Suite 210, Silver Spring, MD 20910-4461