2017 Neighborhood Art Project, 39th Ward

A new text-based public artwork is being developed for Ward 39, as part of Chicago’s 50x50 Year of Public Art initiative. We are collecting community input regarding individual and community experiences of endurance that are significant to you. Your answers to the following questions will help us develop the words that will be incorporated as inscriptions in the artwork.

* 1. What community resources and/or personal support systems are most important
to you?
• Examples: school, transportation, social security office, family, church, non-profits, …

* 2. What things cause you pressure or need to be changed before you can attain a
feeling of stability in your daily life?
• Examples: job, health concerns, child-care, crime, insurance, traffic…

* 3. What words describe qualities you or your community represent to others or selfidentify
• Examples: diverse, working-class, educated, gentrified, determined, young, …

* 4. What are some ways in which you and/or your community have adapted to change
and endured?
• Examples: education, action, perseverance, cooperation, rebuilding, moving…