1. Mandatory Reporting Training CD

Please take a moment to complete this short questionnaire about the instruction you just received.

* 1. Why did you view this training CD? Mark all that apply.

* 2. In what capacity are you viewing this CD? Mark all that apply.

* 3. Have you personally ever made a report of suspected child abuse or neglect in the state of Alaska?

* 4. Based upon what you learned from the CD, are you a Mandatory Reporter?

* 5. If you felt the need to report suspected child abuse or neglect, rate your confidence in:

  Very confident Somewhat confident Not confident N/A
Understanding how to report it
Ability to actually report it
Understanding of what happens after you report it

* 6. What are your actual or potential barriers to reporting suspected child maltreatment? Mark all that apply.

* 7. Is any information in the CD different from what you've been told in the past?

* 8. The CD training:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree N/A
Stimulated my learning
Activities gave me sufficient knowledge
Case scenarios with Mary were helpful
Important terms and concepts were explained adequately
Test questions were accurate and fair
Was a good way for me to learn this content
Graphics and screen displays were adequate for the topic

* 9. What improvements would you recommend in this training?

* 10. Using the Map provided, what region of the State do you reside in?

Thank you for completing this questionnaire

For emails responses please send to: michelle.lyons@alaska.gov
For fax responses please fax to: CJA c/o Michelle Lyons (907)
For mail responses please mail to:
MCH-Epidemiology Alaska SCAN
3601 C Street, Suite 358
Anchorage, AK 99503