Dear Residents,

To better help myself, as the EMD, and our town officials know how we can help you as residents better in a time of need, I have created a short survey. Since the flooding event in November, where a rescue had to be made of a resident that was cut off by the flooding for a medical issue, it has become a priority of mine to know where our vulnerable population is and to come up with a plan - prior to an event - on how we can help them, should it be needed. This priority gets even greater when more than one event is happening at the same time such as a power outage during the colder months, with flooding that has cut you off from getting help, to a warming shelter or relative. I hope that this survey can give me the information that is needed to plan for these types of events and also know when we may need to do a non-emergent evacuation, when we may need to open the shelter and how long residents would need it to be open.

Thank you for helping us help you

Emergency Management Director
Phil Marquette

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