1. Birmingham Public Schools 2016 - Character Education Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect data for our Character Education Initiative. This information will be used for district purposes only and all responses are confidential. Please base your responses on personal observation and experience. If you are a parent, please respond on the basis of your own personal experience and based on information your child has shared with you. If you have more than one child in 4th, 7th, or 11th grade, please base your answers on one child per survey. This survey is the School as Caring Community Profile II, developed by T. Lickona and M. Davidson. Thank you for your assistance.

* 1. I am a:

* 2. Please check the grade level you are responding about in this survey.

* 3. Please select your school.

* 4. Students treat classmates with respect.

* 5. Students exclude those who are different (example: students who belong
to a different race, religion, or culture).

* 6. Students try to comfort peers who have experienced sadness:

* 7. Students respect the personal property of others:

* 8. Students help each other, even if they are not friends.

* 9. When students do something hurtful, they try to make up for it
(for example, they apologize or they do something nice).

* 10. Students show respect for school property (such as desks, walls,
bathrooms, buses, buildings, and grounds).

* 11. Students try to get other students to follow school rules.

* 12. Students behave respectfully toward all school staff (including secretaries, custodians, aides, and bus drivers).

* 13. Students work well together.

* 14. Students help to improve the school.

* 15. Students help new students feel accepted.

* 16. Students are disrespectful toward their teachers.

* 17. Students try to have a positive influence on the behavior of other students.

* 18. Students pick on other students.

* 19. Students are willing to forgive each other.

* 20. Students show poor sportsmanship.

* 21. Students are patient with each other.

* 22. Students resolve conflicts without fighting, insults, or threats.

* 23. Students are disrespectful toward their schoolmates.

* 24. Students listen to each other in class discussions.

* 25. Students refrain from put-downs (negative, hurtful comments).

* 26. When students see another student being picked on, they try to stop it.

* 27. Students share with others.

* 28. Students are involved in helping to solve school problems.

* 29. Students can talk to their teachers about problems that are bothering them.

* 30. Students at this school use technology (text, cell phone and email messaging; social media sites, etc.) to mistreat and harrass other students.

* 31. I have seen students be dishonest by copying other students' work (homework, test items, etc.).

* 32. Parents show that they care about their child's education and school behavior.

* 33. Students are disrespectful toward their parents in the school environment.

* 34. Teachers go out of their way to help students who need extra help.

* 35. Teachers treat parents with respect.

* 36. In this school you can count on adults to try to make sure that students are safe.

* 37. In this school parents treat other parents with respect.

* 38. Teachers are unfair in their treatment of students.

* 39. Parents show respect for teachers.

* 40. In their interactions with students, teachers act in ways that demonstrate
the character qualities the school is trying to teach.

* 41. In their interactions with students, all school staff (the principal, other administrators, counselors, coaches, aides, custodians, and others) act in ways that demonstrate the character qualities the school is trying to teach.

* 42. In their interactions with children, parents display the character qualities
the school is trying to teach.

* 43. Teachers and staff treat each other with respect (are caring, supportive, etc.).

* 44. Parents are actively involved in this school.

* 45. Teachers and staff are involved in helping to make school decisions.

* 46. This school shows appreciation for the efforts of teachers and staff.

* 47. This school treats parents with respect.