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Welcome to the 2020 CRN Impact Awards. This entry form will take you through the submission process. We highly recommend you download the 2020 Entry Kit (PDF) before you commence.

You can leave the entry form partway through and return to it as long as you use the same computer. If you would like to make m
ultiple entries, please use the same link and open again in different browser.

We highly recommend you prepare your submission/s on a document saved elsewhere to avoid losing any information stored in this entry form. You can use this Word document with a list of questions to prepare your entry, however, you must submit your entry via this online form, rather than email your responses.

You can use this email template for any testimonials.

Essential details
Due to the rescheduling of the CRN Impact Awards to Thursday September 3rd and to allow entrants to finalise submissions, we are extending the deadline for entries until 30 April. If you have any questions, please email: impactawards@crn.com.au 
*It is free to enter.

Entries will be judged by a panel of CRN editorial judges and industry experts.

Finalists will be revealed online

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* 2. Please provide the contact details of the person most likely to accept the award (ie, the company owner or CEO). If this is the same as above, please leave blank.

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* 3. Please provide a brief summary of the project or product (1-2 sentences). This will not be published or included for judging and should not act as an overview of your project. This brief summary is for internal use to help our team manage entries and follow up on any incomplete submissions.

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