* 1. What do you feel are the most important needs of the Indian students attending Marty Indian School?

  Low Need Average Need High Need
Increase knowledge of cultural identity and awareness
Increase college enrollment
Increase parent participation
Enhance problem solving and cognitive skills development
Integration of Indian specific content into curriculum
Academic achievement
School dropout rate
Graduation rate

* 2. Rank the following MIS Title VI activities in terms of importance. Please rank from 1 to 11. (1-best, 11-least).

* 3. What other activities that are not on the above list is important to support culturally responsive education for your children?

* 4. What barrier may be preventing you from participating in Title VI Indian Education events?

  Work Schedule Conflicts Transportation Difficulties Church Lack of Understanding for Title VI Lack of Communication
Check all that apply

* 5. What are the best ways to communicate with you?

  Poor Average Good Excellent Best
Information Mailed Home
Information Sent Home with
Phone Call