Community Focused Planning

* 1. Do you feel the Frederick-Firestone Fire District engages the communities of Frederick and Firestone sufficiently?

* 2. What do you feel is Frederick-Firestone Fire District's role within the communities?

* 3. What do you see as future priorities for Frederick-Firestone Fire District?

* 4. What should be Frederick-Firestone Fire District's most critical goal for you and your family?

* 5. What are some areas of concern within the delivery system of emergency services offered by Frederick-Firestone Fire District? If there are no concerns, please type N/A.

* 6. As our communities continue to grow, do you feel there are enough resources (fire stations, personnel and equipment) currently to meet the communities emergency service needs?

* 7. Do you feel you and or the general public is aware of all the services provided by the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District?

* 8. Do you feel the Frederick-Firestone Fire District is transparent and trustworthy?

* 9. Would you support Frederick-Firestone Fire District in asking the communities for assistance in maintaining and improving the level of services provided to you and your family?

* 10. Please share any other comments (positive or negative) about Frederick-Firestone Fire District in general or the programs and services provided.