IVCIL Community Needs Assessment 2015

We are seeking input from our consumers, local agencies and members of the community regarding the important issues that face people with disabilities in our service area. Please rate each issue area according to whether you feel it is a high, moderate, low or no need in your community. This information will be used to help IVCIL plan its services in the future.

* 1. Access to affordable public transportation.

* 2. Affordable care-giving services.

* 3. Community training in disability issues and advocacy.

* 4. Help applying for benefits such as Medicaid, LINK card and Social Security.

* 5. More opportunities for community-based employment of people with disabilities

* 6. Vocational assistance - help applying for work, training.

* 7. Improved access to services in local stores, restaurants and public buildings.

* 8. Improved access to affordable, accessible housing

* 9. Need for peer support, either as an individual or in a group.

* 10. Training is skills to help you stay independent- such as money management, how to use public transport, meal planning.