Recreational Marijuana Survey

Dear North Yarmouth Residents,

With Maine voting to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana, we are seeking to take a proactive approach to create North Yarmouth guidelines for marijuana businesses. 

We, as the Economic Development & Sustainability Committee (EDSC), are administering this survey to get an initial pulse on our community’s position. 

Thank you for participating in this survey and helping us get a better picture of what our residents think is best for our community. (Copies of this survey are available at the Town Office by request through phone or email. Please call (207) 829 - 3705, press 4 to reach the Town Manager’s office and leave a voicemail stating your name and how to get into contact with you. You may also email


The survey will be available until May 31, 2020. It can be returned to the Town Office through regular mail at 10 Village Square Road, North Yarmouth, ME 04097 on or before May 31, 2020, or brought to the Town Office and dropped into the black box outside of the front door.  


Question Title

* 1. MARIJUANA RETAIL ESTABLISHMENT:  A business that sells various marijuana products for recreational use. Retailers are prohibited from delivering to consumers and from offering products for the purposes of on-site consumption.

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* 2. CULTIVATION: The planting, propagation, growing, harvesting, drying, curing, grading, trimming, or similar processing of marijuana for use or sale. "Cultivation" or "cultivate" does not include manufacturing, testing, or marijuana extraction.

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* 3. INDEPENDENT TESTING LABORATORY:  A Laboratory licensed by the State, qualified to test cannabis or marijuana.

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* 4. RESEARCH FACILITIES:  An entity licensed to engage in Marijuana research projects.

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* 5. MANUFACTURING: The production, blending, infusing, concentrating, extracting, compounding, or other preparation after cultivation and prior to sale to the consumer but not sold directly to the consumer.

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* 6. Do you have any comments or suggestions?

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* 7. Which category below includes your age?

The survey results will be presented to the Select Board and will also be found at


Thank you for your time and feedback.


Sincerely yours,

The North Yarmouth Economic Development & Sustainability Committee

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